Episode 8

8: Sian Gaskell from Cuban Eight on technology, PR and communication

Sian Gaskell is the MD of Cuban Eight, a PR and communications agency specialising in B2B and technology. Sian works with fast-growing tech businesses and therefore has a broad view on how the market is shifting. She explains how remote working has caused organisations to make empathy and wellbeing a higher priority and how important it is to use technology to keep people engaged.

It’s ironic, but perhaps not surprising that it takes remote working on a global scale for us to recognise the importance of human connection. Sian touches on the importance of wellbeing. I’m particularly struck by Unilever as well as Sian’s own company taking a day off to disconnect as a way of creating more human connection. Technological connection can create emotional connection but it’s up to us to use it wisely.

How do you ensure that you stay emotionally connected as well as technologically connected?

How you know if your online connections are having the impact you want?

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