Episode 16

16: Kim Leary on using technology to underpin business and culture

Kim Leary is the owner of Squibble, a web design agency and Chair of Birmingham Tech week. We discuss the acceleration of technology to regenerate business growth after the pandemic, the way tech underpins every business, collaboration, the ecosystem needed to support tech businesses and maintain the presence in the West Midlands as well as the skills needed for the future as technology grows and the culture of businesses to ensure that we don’t lose sight of who we are as human beings in a virtual world.  

I was surprised to think of Dominos as a tech company. It shows that technology is critical for all of us in how we live and work. I was also inspired by Kim being a fashion designer at heart and using those skills to set up a technology business. She is a great role model for other women and an inspiration to encourage us to see technology differently, at the heart and forefront of every business. Kim is clearly creating a legacy for women, for technology, for business and for Birmingham. 

What’s the legacy you are creating in the world and how does technology support that legacy?

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